– Grundad 1978 –

Group A

RHK på Kinnekulle.

The development took a step back when Group-A regulations came. It was a simpler and more standard-focused car, to begin with. The class was admitted in RHK for the 2011-season. The class is open to cars between 1982-1986. The class was developed more in the late nineties with cars like the BMW M3 and Ford Sierra Cosworth with drivers like “Peggen”Andersson, Lennart Bohlin and Stig Blomqvist. Group A was then developed to STCC with Super Touring Cars, but it will probably take a few more years before they are ready for RHK …

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Här är tävlingarna som körs 2020:
28 Mars
Jönköping Årsmöte

3-5 juli
Knutstorp, Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting

21-23 Augusti
Mantorp Classic Festival

5-6 September
Kinnekulle Historic Meeting

18-20 September
Falkenberg Classic

9-11 Oktober
Karlskoga Velodromloppet Historic GP

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