GT/GTS pre 1965

Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting för 38:e gången.

A GT car, was under contemporary statutes a car that was fast and comfortable, made for fast passenger, usually with only two seats and manufactured without special considering costs. To qualify as a GT-car production would amount to at least 100 cars over a 12-month period, but the truth shall forward managed to some manufacturers 'rate' in their car as a GT car, but having done this number. It also has the GT-brands that are made in 1000 copies.

The cars that they mainly think of Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Austin Healey, MG and Jaguar. A GT car could be anywhere from a little spartan MG Midget to a brutal AC Cobra to an elegant Jaguar E-type. Among the Swedish driver from the we found: Joakim Bonnier, CG Hammarlund, Gunnar "Persbergarn" Carlsson and Harald Krongård.


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