Foto: Karl-Arne Iderot

The vast majority of the images on RHK's website are taken by Bengt-Åce Gustavsson and Hannele Björemo from www.racefoto.se.

It is prohibited to copy pictures from RHK's side, but all images are for sale on Racefoto.se

If you are interested in purchasing photos, please contact me here: +46703-409300   bengan@racefoto.se

Bengt-Åce also runs the project Svensk Racing. It's a website where you can find both old and new racing results. The goal of the website is to eventually publish all racing results in the history of Sweden! Please take a look. Perhaps you have some material lying in a box in the attic missing on this page? Please contact us if you would like to contribute material, or if you have questions or comments.



To see all pictures from RHK, hover the cursor over the "Pictures" above and select the year you want to see.

Racerhistoriska Klubben

Racerhistoriska klubben grundades 1978. Verksamheten har under åren utvecklas och samverkar nu med motsvarande klubbar och sammanslutningar inom internationell Historic Racing.
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